Ruca Angel

Who am I ?

I was born in Denmark. My mother was very young, and my father… well he had other plans…. so my grandparents helped raise me.
I was a fairly happy child, and I adored my grandfather (he was my hero). He always told me, that only your imagination sets your limits, and so i got creative.

At 14 I was in London on a school field trip. We got some time to explore on our own.. and 3 of us went to Trafalgar Square, where a somewhat desperate woman was searching for someone. Before I knew it, she was dragging me into the nearest building, and handing me a jacket and a bag, while another was fixing my makeup.
I was put in a lineup with 4-6 other girls, a couple of years older than me, and a photographer started taking pictures of us… I had never been in front of a camera before, and I had no clue what I was doing… but I tried to copy the other girls at my best ability. Everything went so fast.. and when it was over, another woman asked for my name and contact info to my parents… They needed my mothers approval before they could publish the pictures, and the lady called my mom right away.. 3 days later I (along with the other girls) was on the front page of Jump Magazine with the fall collection for teens by United Colors Of Benetton. I became in house model with UCB for 5 years.

After this amazing experience, I decided to keep on going.. but being a grown woman, the demands changed, and I was not tall enough… I’m 5’1″ (152 cm).. so I went freelance instead and as my portfolio shows, I have not had problems finding photo shoots at all. I decided to expand my experience and enrolled at design school. Since I knew the fashion industry I wanted to use it to my advantage.

2006 was the year I was gonna graduate, I was so exited. But the day before my finals, I was in a bad car accident…. I broke my spine and hip, lost 70% feeling in my left leg, and the ability to have children…. it took me almost 2 years to rebound.. and I’m still in pains every day, but modeling keeps me going, and since I couldn’t sit for hours and sew and design clothes anymore, I decided to learn everything about Makeup, and become a makeup artist or MUA as its called in the fashion business.

So here I am, 30+ years, happily married to a man who respects and loves me, modeling and enjoying makeup life.

I do everything from adds, music videos and exhibitions as a model, to weddings, adds, videos and photo shoots as a MUA (makeup artist) and of cause smaller costume designs.

So go ahead and check out my galleries.
The Portfolio contains Modeling pictures through the years.
if you want to see my work as a Makeup artist you can find it here


Ruca Angel